It has been a really long time since I kept an updated website and a lot has changed since then. At this point, I intend to keep this website to document my studies and projects on my path to a career in programming.

I am currently stuck at home under a shelter in place order in California due to the COVID-19 virus and plan to use this time to get some studying and personal work done. This is the first post on my website and I am not sure what the end goal of this website will be. I haven’t got a decent theme set up, it looks ugly, but it’s finally up.

The end goal of my studies is currently undecided. I toy with the thoughts about getting into data analysis or artificial intelligence. Alternatively I have wanted to work towards starting a business either in web consulting or building apps to offer software as a service.

My programming skills are not high enough to get into any of these projects yet and probably not high enough as of yet to apply for entry level development jobs. Nevertheless, I want to document my path mostly for my own purposes of keeping track of my journey.

I recently discovered the OSSU github page which outlines a pretty extensive curriculum of MOOCs and other free materials to gain the knowledge and experience equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in computer science. It can be viewed here. I think I will begin working through this curriculum while I am home on shelter orders and I will document my work here on my website.

I will try to get into the habit of updating my site at least once a week with updates to my progress and on any projects that I am working on. I will also work on building a page with a roadmap with checklists to show my progress and possibly add to it along the way as I find new things to learn.

Until then, cheers.